Welcome to BamfordsRepairs, here at BamfordsRepairs I offer many services.

Services I offer are,

Computer Repairs from Laptops to Desktops, (Pricing depends on what the Problem is)

Building Custom Computers, (Pricing will be calculated on price of Hardware and Labour)

Networking, Installing Cabling, Patch Panels, Network Switches, Firewalls, Servers (Pricing depends on the job)

Virus Removals (Pricing from £20)

Operating System Re-installations (Pricing £20)

Mac Repairs, (Pricing depends on the job)

Mobile Phone Repairs, Screen Replacements, Battery Replacement (Pricing from £30)

IT Tech Support over the Phone & Remote. (Pricing from £20)

Car Key Fob Repair (Pricing £20)

for inquiries you can contact via email repairs@bamfordsrepairs.co.uk or Call 07413601663

Here are some of the Repairs i have done.